Triglyph Property Consultants undertake Development Monitoring works on behalf of financiers of large construction or for Landlords overseeing Tenant’s fit out projects

As part of the role we will highlight any risks associated with the development of the construction project which may affect the programme or influence the overall costs. We will ensure that review all technical documentation to ensure all statutory requirements and lease obligations are adhered to.

As the project develops, we will attend project meetings and undertake regular inspections, reporting our findings to our client.

The Services:-

  • Confirm client expectations
  • Indentify Risks
  • Review of budgets and cost programmes
  • Review the selection of the Project Team.
  • Review designs and specifications.
  • Procurement Advice
  • Ensure Statutory Approvals are obtained and followed by the Project Team
  • Monitor programme, quality, and cost during the construction phase.
  • Confirmation of Practical Completion.